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Final Fantasy XI Screenshots

FFXI Screenshots
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This is a community dedicated to Final Fantasy XI, and will serve as a place for players to share screenshots taken from either a PC or a PS2. There are only a few guidelines that should be followed:

1. Please try to post interesting shots. For example... something funny, a creative composition, beautiful scenery, or a battle. No one wants to see a capture of a bunch of people just standing around.

2. Place all large images behind a livejournal cut. *This is a must* If you don't know how to lj-cut, please go here. It is extremely easy! Thumbnails are acceptable as a means to link to larger images, but please keep them with a width of 100 and a height of 75 pixels.

3. Be nice. If you're here to criticize others, you shouldn't be here at all. I enjoy taking screenshots and enjoy looking at the shots others take. I'm hoping there are other people that do, too. ;)

4. If anyone needs their screenshots uploaded, you can send them to me through PlayOnline at avastyepenguin@pol.com and I would happy to host them for you.